The following is general knowledge to all your characters. Specifics depend on your background and skill training.

The world of Errun is populated by various peoples and nations, separated into four major regions. The North, the South, Temptress Bay, and the

The North is comprised of two nations, that of Thelia, and that of Kaehon. Both are located to the west where the air is warmer and the land is yielding. The eastern north is largely uninhabited due to harsh weather, though the Kenduar, the low-elves, dwell in the Eldwoods beyond the Pillars of the World. North of the northern nations there is only ice, stone and snow. The Ever-Night, the farthest north is called, and aptly so, for the sun never sets on the glacial desolace.

Following the shores of Thelia southward leads to the Temptress, an immense bay that stretches to the far south. This region is ruled by the Gambling Men, pirate-priests of the Gambler who conquered the many islands of the Temptress several centuries ago.

Farther still and the world begins to end. Here lies the Sharahad, the desolate land of sand that leads to the World Furnace, to the infernal depths of Errun.

At the center of Errun, east of the Temptress, lie the lush green lands. There, the high-elven emperor Quelathur rules. Only one realm remains free of the One-God’s tyranny: Aridat, the Silver Cities, nestled away in the stony valleys of the Brilliants.


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